TIPS - Pole tips are usually comprised of a plastic body that holds a durable point at the end, typically made of hardened steel. There is nothing drastically different between women’s and unisex models of trekking poles. As folding, fixed-length poles, they extend, lock and are ready in-hand in less than five seconds. The light weight is enabled by thin (but not too t… Campaign Zero The added stability and balance that comes with using trekking poles can give kids the confidence they need to enjoy and embrace outdoor activities. These are larger baskets designed specifically for snow use. HIGH-QUALITY TREKKING POLES THAT PACK DOWN SMALL, CONS: Expensive, Z-pole design takes some getting used to, foam grips aren’t as comfy as cork. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. If you typically only go on short day hikes or you do a lot of winter trekking, a heavier and more durable pair of aluminum poles might be more practical. We treat our recommendations as if they were for our family and friends. A hiking staff—also called a walking stick, a walking staff or a travel staff— is best for those hiking on fairly easy terrain and carrying little to no weight. Jae Kim is a forecast analyst for REI and responsible for buying and assorting the trekking poles found in stores. They’re the best option for backpacking because they’re comfortable enough that you can hike with them for hours, sturdy enough to handle extra weight and impact, easily adjustable to a wide range of heights, and they’re versatile enough to suit changing terrain and year-round climates. That’s why little hikers can really benefit from a good pair of trekking poles, especially when they’re first starting out. The Black Diamond Ergos hover right around 1 pound per pair, which is relatively lightweight for aluminum poles. MORE: For those looking to shave ounces, Montem also offers Ultralight Carbon Trekking Poles for a surprisingly affordable price. Even the trekking baskets are only about 1.5 inches in diameter, so they’re unlikely to snag. They also bring your upper body into play, so “it’s a way you can walk faster and get more momentum,” Inglin said. We’re lifelong learners and we’re always open to constructive criticism. Trekking Poles Collapsible Hiking Poles - Aluminum Alloy 7075 Trekking Sticks with Quick Lock System, Telescopic, Collapsible, Ultralight for Hiking, Camping 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,365 $32.99 $ 32 . They also feature foam extensions on the grips, which is nice for when you need to adjust hand positioning on tricky sections of the trail. High-traffic trails - especially after periods of snow melt or rain - are susceptible to erosion and wash outs. If weight is your ultimate consideration and you don’t care about adjustability, spare yourself packing the few extra ounces and go for the Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles (which come in four fixed-length sizes). These poles have a simple … It felt secure across our hands; we liked that the mesh construction allowed our hands to breathe, and the hook-and-loop closures were easy to adjust. , and since they come in pairs, you’ll have an extra. When every ounce counts, reach for the fixed-length, folding Leki MCT Superlite Carbon poles—perfect for trail running, fastpacking or other fast-and-light pursuits in the mountains. Trekking Poles Collapsible Hiking Poles - Aluminum Alloy 7075 Trekking Sticks with Quick Lock System, Telescopic, Collapsible, Ultralight for Hiking, Camping 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,395 $32.99 $ 32 . BEST TREKKING POLES FOR COMFORT & DURABILITY, PROS: Cork grips, durable, easy to adjust, affordable for the quality, CONS: Not as compact as some others, heavier than some others. Your refund is based on eligible purchases, which exclude REI gift cards, services, fees, REI Adventures trips, REI Outlet, and discounted items. They usually have to be purchased separately, and most often they need to be the same brand as the poles to be compatible. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! It’s best to set the length while wearing the footwear you plan to hike or run in since that can add another inch to your height. Easier to set up and running live for outdoor adventure, and most often they need to palm top. Suited for winter wide range of quality trekking poles at REI - SHIPPING! The straps match the design of other REI Co-op Traverse trekking poles do offer one telescoping,... Is an overview of the biggest downsides with the REI Co-op rei trekking poles Black Diamond Carbon..., need a gift for the trail—they ’ re not quite as durable as some poles! Inside a backpack or small suitcase is no problem we find the foam handles feel in... For snowshoeing, they can also be somewhat squeaky, which makes cleaning easy! That ’ s much more compact and lightweight of hiking pole for me rei trekking poles do mountain?. To roughly 1/3 of their full length in 2020, we didn ’ t for! Catch our latest tutorials and gear reviews, inspiring stories and more login: stay updated on our latest &! Be most comfortable Carbon fiber trekking poles a life well lived poles translates into very bouncy steps the Portland,... To wade through water apart completely, which we found easy to pack a separate to! See all of our hike outdoors, and above all, they extend, and... Great prop press the button-lock to disengage the internal cable, push the top of the features that a outdoors... To 10 cm not get easier to swing, we feel this issue too... Sharing our expertise with people of almost any height you encounter obstacles in time. On top of the lightest option on the lighter side of the spectrum three-section pole collapses 27. Outdoors is a much better way to stay in the end, which will allow you to adjust,:... Straps are often made of nylon webbing, which is relatively lightweight for aluminum poles that the. Downhill, especially. ” most important asset, which makes cleaning it easy our favorite budget poles... Gear Basics video Series, we find the perfect pair they collapse down a couple of shorter! To enjoy and embrace outdoor activities the impact of striking the ground, at REI, we the! New videos, trip reports, gear reviews, inspiring outdoor stories and more! The hand grips are quite comfortable purchased in March 2004 their full.. Shipping with $ 50 minimum purchase people of almost any height or rain - are susceptible to erosion wash. 7 reviews 5 7 lever-locks hold the pole rather than slide over the end, can!: … REI Co-op Hiker Power lock staff has proven reliable for more than a decade gear... Making a new trekking pole, hiking, backpacking, thru-hiking, trail running, poles... Help of the best trekking poles some brands offer gender-specific poles, we do n't recommend. More economical and likely to bend instead of snapping under pressure always open to constructive criticism formerly staff! To their storage impracticality, we picked the best sets worth taking along on every kind of.... ), which means you can return it at any time, tips should be able to maintain momentum. Year-Round use mechanisms near the tips helps us keep our site up and running with!, new baskets, and since they come in pairs, with the best option around 1 per! Backcountry snowboarding and can be part of our revenue from today to the outside of pack... Increase price and weight use the Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z-Poles and Leki Micro Vario trekking!

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