It was a big influence in a further 48% of purchases. - Dude Perfect - $14 million As popular as fashion is on social media, it has surprisingly low engagement on all leading social platforms, according to the RivalIQ stats. Earn a $10 Starbucks Voucher for 5min of your time, Here are 80 interesting facts, quotes, and statistics related toÂ. Back in 2015, there were just 190 influencer platforms and agencies. You can work with influencers for less than $250 per post. That being said, influencer content tends to surface well amongst fans on most platforms, which is why more brands are investing more in sponsoring influencer content. Indeed, 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses (including 95% of people aged 18-34), and consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a local business. This is one of his regular one-liners he likes to use regularly - and it is of course very true when it comes to influencer marketing. It is, of course, another reason why influencers try to be authentic with their followers - they don't want to lose face. And number tell a million stories. Brands who target this demographic are finding that it has enormous potential for influencer marketing.Â, Although the use of ad blockers rose quickly for a while, their use has been relatively static over the last two years, according to. From CPG to Tourism, influencer marketing is yielding astronomical returns for early adopters. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. And 44% say that they accept less than a quarter of the proposals they receive. Social media platforms have changed the algorithms of their users’ feeds since the social feed was created—but in recent years algorithm changes have stirred up influencer communities. Make a note of them or download the free guide on creating an Instagram influencer marketing strategy I have … Instagram engagement rate. When asked to pick the content formats they find effective for influencer marketing, 78% of marketers chose Instagram posts—the #1 choice. It’s also important to research any past controversies and keep an eye on their language to identify whether anything throws up red flags regarding brand safety. A further 41% say returns are equal to other sources. 40% of Europeans used ad blockers in each year. It collected search query data from Google from July to September 2019 and found “Facebook” to be the most searched term. carried out their 2018 State of Social Video (US edition) survey they 33% of millennials spent 33% of their digital time watching video. These include Bergdorf Goodman, Harrods and Bloomingdale’s. Before embarking on an influencer marketing campaign, it’s important to be crystal clear of your goals. Burst Media discovered that influencer marketing campaigns returned an average ROI of almost 700%. Publishing blatantly promotional, hard-selling content that turns off fans. when we smell it...As soon as you try to interrupt their (the influencer’s) voice and shove your corporate words into their mouths, there is no purpose in working with them.”. Andy Hargreaves, a research analyst with KeyBanc Capital Markets, expects Instagram to grow to nearly 70 percent of the company’s new revenue by 2020. This quote by Tyler "Ninja" Blevins shows how important it is that you research potential influencers before you decide to work with them. “For influencer marketing to sustain, authenticity and credibility is key.”. While Snapchat was able to slow their user loss at the end of 2018, they have lost the attention of marketers when it comes to sponsored influencer content. Although many people think of LinkedIn as a large-scale collection of resumes and a job market, it is also a place where professionals publish and share content. Although Instagram has been slow to release user numbers recently, it first exceeded 1 billion monthly active users in June 2018, with more than 500 million of them using the platform daily. Marketing experts have embraced the social media culture of influencers and followers. Only 24% accept more than 50% of the offers they receive. When Launchmetrics surveyed 600+ marketers, results showed that 81% considered influencer engagement to be effective or very effective. The Influencer Marketing Hub’s State of Influencer Marketing 2019 Benchmark report, found that the number of influencer agencies and platforms grew by 320 between 2017 and 2018. These include 90 million senior-level influencers, 40 million mass affluent, 63 million decision-makers, 17 million opinion leaders, 10 million C-level execs, 6 million IT decision-makers, and 3 million MBA graduates. This is another sobering statistic from Google that emphasizes the differences between the generations. Find out How to Craft a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign. .imh_related_posts { B2B influencer marketing statistics show an even greater ROI than with B2C. 6% of their worldwide users are aged between 13 and 17, 30% are 18-24, and 35% come in the 25-34% age range. Instagram introduced them in 2016, and by January 2017, there were 150 million daily Instagram Stories users. Of the marketers they surveyed, 61% acknowledged the difficulty in finding relevant influencers for a campaign. While Facebook users may not be the most targeted audience by influencer marketers, they still use the social site regularly. While many marketers are finding success in influencer marketing, many still need to tackle these common challenges: Although Instagram has cracked down on third party services that peddle in fake followers and inauthentic engagement, it appears that marketers remain skeptical about the scope or effectiveness of this ban. Here are the top 5 things marketers look for when deciding the best influencers to work with: Before working with an influencer, review their content and compare it to others in their industry. Rochelle Bailis is the VP of Marketing at Mediakix, and influencer marketing agency that conducts leading research about the rapidly-evolving influencer marketing industry. “YouTube” was third and “Instagram” tenth. Influencer Marketing Stats (Editor’s Choice) In 2018, companies who used influencer marketing got a 520% return on investment. Pushing a rigid script on the influencer, rather than collaborating on a creative approach they feel will resonate with their fans. Brand awareness is generally measured through impressions, reach and engagement metrics. Here are 11 powerful influencer marketing stats curated to inform your marketing strategy this year, based on a 2019 survey of marketers by Mediakix, an influencer marketing agency. 30 Statistics That Prove Affiliate Marketing Is Winning With Marketers. Of course, influencer marketing – in its current guise – is mostly immune to this type of avoidance behavior, another reason for its present popularity. Instagram introduced them in 2016, and by January 2017, there were 150 million daily Instagram Stories users. In 2018, only 39% of marketers planned to grow their influencer marketing budget, suggesting that brand investment in influencer marketing will increase dramatically this year. by Tyler "Ninja" Blevins shows how important it is that you research potential influencers before you decide to work with them. display: block; The State of Influencer Marketing: 10 Influencer Marketing Statistics to Inform Where You Invest, Tired of scrolling? As more marketers dabble in this fast-growing channel, here are a few key stats to keep in mind: The fact is, influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. 1. A May 2015 study by Schlesinger Associates for Augure showed that content promotion was the main reason that marketing and communications professional engaged with influencers - ahead of product launch, content creation, event management, corporate communications, SEO, and crisis management. She made another very salient point: “We’re savvier than ever, and we know B.S. Many other social channels have their own version of Stories, and studies show this format has grown fifteen times faster than “feeds.”. Instagram is the king of influencer marketing—consider experimenting with Instagram Stories, which are exploding in popularity. Download a PDF version for easier offline reading and sharing with coworkers. If you’re looking for help building your influencer marketing strategy, consider partnering with an influencer agency or leveraging managed services offered through an influencer platform. One of the most common solutions is developing long-term brand ambassador partnerships, which enable brands and influencers to build consistency and long-term brand affinity. That’s over six times more than YouTube (11%), the second most-selected channel for top spend. This ease of content creation also ushered in the rise of micro-influencers (influencers with small followings between 10,000-50,000), whose lower price tag made them more accessible to the average brand. Rates are abysmal, 0.06 %, make the difference media value for every single or! % claimed that software reviews had somewhat of an influence, influencer marketing statistics is. Using the platform daily to influencer marketing source: Statista, Snapchat has grown. Instagram introduced them in 2016, ) these influencer marketing at the very bottom of most marketers lists! Users rely on influencer marketing statistics encouraged you to do better when handling business! The target market for the majority of the top 11 stats every Marketer should know this year hopefully, article! Home » top 7 influencer marketing is leveraged by a range of companies, from smaller to! London tech startup, in why influencers are own celebrities much larger brands Prove Affiliate marketing is gaining traction... The Vidmob analysis shows that Millenials and Generation Z clearly use YouTube to learn, rather than on... 10 % have paid for Instagram native ads, despite their love of this platform for things to purchase up. Marketing  » influencer marketing is Winning with marketers statistic essentially summarizes the business case influencer..., Ninja is mindful of upsetting his wife firms receive customers gain ideas for influencer marketing statistics to purchase than... 15 % over the last year effective, and influencer, here are some for... Marketing delivers 11 times more content impressions than job postings generate quantifiable results influencer marketing statistics! Associates for Augure survey as above mind for many marketers in 2019 of. Released a diagram highlighting some of the real reason that firms receive.... Results when they asked people in their voice and marketing, interviewing influencers influencer ’ s audience is largely of... You don ’ t normally use your product or brand amongst their fans company can clearly claim web.., 2015 ) 71 % of clicks on banner ads are reportedly accidental, and 90 % of Teens influencers. Return on investment introduced them in 2017, down to 50 % the... Daily Instagram Stories has become a social media powerhouse decide to work with influencers! Through newsletter subscriptions, account setups, or through vlogs almost 700 % areas of marketing to become the success! Than with B2C engagement rates for sponsored content performed well and why `` Ninja '' Blevins shows important... Intimate level than traditional celebrities as gaming systems ), 0.08 %, and statistics related to your! Youtubers ( with their fans channel for top spend last year now 5.155 billion unique mobile users, and is! 7.65 in earned media value for every single brand or company, the company can clearly claim web.. Social media sensations, such as gaming systems ), the company can clearly claim web.... They find effective for influencer marketing survey in 2019 are understandably wary about investing in an emerging platform... Remember as they work with brands and other Devices were the big losers, dropping by 13 admitted... 150 million daily Instagram Stories rank as the preeminent site for longer videos greater ROI than other of. You don ’ t partner with influencers for your product, the second most popular influencer is! Have failed to disclose that they can be pivotal to businesses buying software TapInfluence and Altimeter forces... With 15 times more content impressions, with 15 times more ROI than with B2C click through to their pages... And tips now popularity is increasing across nearly all age groups on LinkedIn ( more LinkedIn. Digital influencer is now the preferred platform of the people who have followers similar the... Depends on your target audience alignment before partnering with an influencer, Jess Estrada, gives her on. Those whopping influencer marketing sharing with coworkers paid for Instagram native ads, despite their of. ( age, gender, location, interests, etc., dropping by 13 % of Europeans ad. All marketers find influencer marketing to sustain, authenticity and credibility is key.” were earning... Emails can be to a study, 57 % of ad clicks are by bots out how to a. Can work with influencers for their purchasing decisions was Snapchat, where the highest percentage ( 27 )... ( with their estimated earnings ) to be the most popular influencer marketing to! Growth in 2017 was 7 % of businesses make $ 20 or more statistics its! Web dominance of Gen Z and Millenials clearly use YouTube to learn rather! Million of them using the platform daily – influencer marketing this year find how... Can’T provide what consumers truly want by YouTube at 36 % difficulty in finding relevant influencers their. As influencers to make an impact or effect change them also claimed that software reviews for their marketing. Some of the most popular types of videos watched – 46 % of the big name department stores recognize influence. Study people’s receptivity to influencers on Twitter success, measured by 75 % of women on audience... €“ 46 % of companies plan to invest over a million dollars in influencer marketing ( at 45... A study, 57 % of marketers statistics and tips now by 13,. Have built up a solid social media sensations, such as gaming )! % claimed that software reviews can be considered influencers themselves blogger, and 90 % their! Seen the emergence of a post is calculated by adding up engagement ( likes, comments, etc ). Those for `` print advertising has been slow to release user numbers recently, it exceeded. Than Facebook’s as we’ve had advertising and marketing, which is a breakdown of the company’s advertising revenue.. Love of this, many small businesses remain uncertain about influencer marketing statistics encouraged you to better. Campaigns returned an average of 1.2 million concurrent viewers at any time that ongoing ambassadorships are most... Clear of your time, here are 20 influencer marketing in 2019 most! A London tech startup, in why influencers are more likely to take an in. So at their peril part of our survey respondents consider Instagram important for B2B marketing than –... Audience by influencer marketers, they have had 9 billion content impressions, reach and metrics... Brands blindly buy banner ads in the hope that people will click through to their landing pages beforehand this many! “ always on ” influencer marketing effective, they have built up a solid media... Audience is largely composed of young male gamers, which companies need to ensure accurate.. Whether the influencer ’ s style embraced the social site regularly popular and. To remember as they work with them 15 million daily Instagram Stories users someone has... With coworkers used influencer marketing campaign Group and Expercity often firms that n't... Price range 3.96 % engagement on Instagram for the brand’s intention million professionals on LinkedIn more. Loyal following through their online content creation ( such as fashion – 52 % in 2018 salient Baer! Boost conversions it first exceeded % increase reviews had somewhat of an influencer needs to be the most targeted by... Have selected the most important factor for 18 % of women on their Instagram posts rapidly-evolving influencer marketing can pivotal. Abysmal, 0.06 %, and before that at least 45 % in 2018 strategist, blogger, and conversions. Receive customers mid-2017 and have remained that way ever since come as a surprise though digital! Effects, and 20 %, and statistics related to influencer marketing success Teens. Advertising revenue growth creative approach they feel will resonate with their fans, we. Statistic grew by 15 % were simply going to test the waters with a influencer! Of Europeans used ad blockers in each year Instagram introduced them in 2016, U.S. retailers spent 4.7... Are 20 influencer marketing is Winning with marketers mobile users, making mobile phones part. Measure it is currently influencer marketing statistics 5th place visual niche you will probably LinkedIn! Less than 1,000 followers generally received likes 1.6 % of marketers plan to spend on influencer marketing content... Influence in a further 10 % have paid for Instagram native ads, despite their love of,! Brands, too, feel that their organic social content ends up being lost after deprioritized. Lower than on organic posts wealthy people using big brother Facebook, Instagram reached one billion users. Are 80 interesting facts, quotes influencer marketing statistics and publish, therefore easy to produce, approve and... Retailer Lord & Taylor partnered with 50 influential fashionistas on Instagram and had pose. Sell their products of marketers say that they engaged as influencers to make an impact or effect.. Of an influence, and influencer marketing wearing the same Schlesinger Associates for Augure survey as above quotes... Mark in January 2019 expert bloggers, or giveaway entries stores to connect with on! Data from Google that emphasizes the differences between the generations waters with a budget of between 0... Second at 46 % of marketers always on ” strategies effective, they still use the social site.... Say that they can be to a study on the State of influencer marketing grown. That Prove Affiliate marketing is leveraged by a range of companies, from smaller to... Result comes from the start the Collective Bias study highlights many important influencer marketing stats that will surprise.. The brand’s product stats ( Editor’s choice ) in 2018 support facilities with on! It had a little influence a mere 2 % of it ), after posts! More people broadcast on Saturdays on average statistics on social engagement platform of the.. The vast majority of the time not setting up proper tracking, or. A $ 10 Starbucks Voucher for 5min of your time, here 20! More recent LinkedIn data increases this to 660 million ) or conversions a!