this is done as a receiver can connect to any of these types of drones. If either stick is moved the corresponding indicators in the display move as they should. There are a lot of questions about the quadcopter not responding and the lights not changing on attempted recalibration or resetting, but I’ve yet to see a successful solution. Thanks in advance, I’ve charged the battery on the quadcopter and also changed the batteries in the controler. On my zyma5sc instead of going upwards it tilts on two legs and if I increase the throttle it flips over, anyone ou there has an idea how to fix this problem? I believe that was the mode button but could be the lower left trim pressed left. I finally got my Syma X5SW from China. What could happen to electronics and how to fix it? Is not normal that when I throttle it up, it instantly goes backwards and I need to “push it” forward to keep it in place? Fine tuning indicators all centered. Tried reset. This is not a GoPro camera by any means. Advanced pilots will love this also, since they can fly this drone hard, knowing that it won’t break. Good day! I tried other batteries and they test fine, 1.6VDC each. Once they were synced I pulled the left throttle and right flight control stick down to the bottom right corners at the same time. Having an issue with the trim on my new Syma X5hw.. videoed it here The resolution of the pictures is set at 1280 x 720. HD camera included 5. Today we’re looking at the Syma X5C as part of our top beginner drones series. Hope this helps>Marvin, the gyro is messed up and drone thinks it is too off center to fly therefore shuts off engines for safety, like when you hit an object. This had to be an issue with the copter, since the replacement works fine! Please help, I’d like to use it for a conference next week. Up again up 1 foot then cuts out again cant stand this. According to manual speak, “I was about to have a problem happened.”. There are propeller guards included that will protect the propellers in the event you crash and burn. I tried syncing it to the controller and its no help. Dimensions31 x 31 x 8 cm Weight910 g Battery3.7V 500 mAh LiPo CameraN / A, Only available on Syma X5C Flight Time7 minutes Inside the Syma X5C 2.4G RC Quadcopter with 2.0MP CameraWhen you receive the Syma X5, you get mini drone, a screwdriver, propeller blades, a charging box, a remote control and a user manual. For being priced so low (we’ll get to that later), we had to give this model a try for ourselves. You have to power the copter first, THEN you power up the controller. I just got my new x5c-1 in the mail and the lights wont stop flashing I cant connect controller to the quad copter can anybody help me with that? Some users state that test flight pictures from the factory were left on their cards. Thanks. This device is highly durable and the company also provides easy access to all internal as well as external parts in case anyone needs to replace broken parts due to crash damage. In fact, it looks like an upgraded version of Syma X5C, with an additional headless mode function, making beginners easy to fly, without actually bothering about the orientation of the quadcopter. This calibration tutorial was hugely helpful and fixed my problems instantly. All Rights Reserved. Please help my syma x5 light stay on when I cut my from on,they never flash for me to pair with the Remote.the remote still beeps like it pairs but drone does nothing.any help would be appreciated, I have the x5sc and im having the same trouble. I did replace motors on the quad, and they are easy to replace, and it doesnt matter if you buy CW or CCW motors, the polarity of the solder points creates the motor direction. You can read it without turning the unit around. Two props spin one direction and the other two spin in the other. We'll assume you're OK with this,, C-fly Faith 2 Pro review: All you can wish from a $300 drone. The other thing didn’t work for me. If you don’t balance it the motors work harder on heavier side,plus syma don’t have much control in wind if you give it power to fight wind even though you have it going into wind it will rise instead of making forward progress So I tilt one corner down toward me cut power and use weight to fly against wind as it gets lower add power and you’ll get it back, if gust catch it you can cut power 100% let it fall and hit throttle when its 15′ above ground,and land!! 2 of blades rotate in clockwise and other 2 rotate anti clockwise. The rabbit brand gives me full control for the entire flight time, which is close to 10 minutes with the self powered camera. So I bought a Flx Nano Drone for christmas (those tiny drones) and it always goes foward at high speed. Keep on flying. Did you ever get a response? Had the same problem as many on here, Syma X5C wouldn’t connect with the controller, lights on the quadcopter flashing very quickly….. Well, the answer is, make sure your quadcopter is on level ground, NOT in your hand, and it will sync! I hope you enjoy your stay in here. I had a couple of problems, one of them was erratic flying, I found that the receiver board was only connected with 3 screws, and had worked its way out of balance, so I pushed it down and now it flys again. I know now that I removed the landing gear becauce it was in the way of the camera strangely enough. Recognized for being incredibly sturdy and very easy to fly, The Syma X5C -1 is a superb instructor drone that you can crash over and over again. Points Off For Charging Time . you could fly more helicopters at the same time, its reaction speed is 100 times faster than other radio control Is this correct procedure. Would very much appreciate some help getting up and running with a new X5C-1 Upgraded Version. >Marvin, hello..