She has a long thin neck, and kept her oval eyes from her youth. [39] Contrary to her usual insults and lack of confidence towards Rentaro, Kisara puts her trust in him when he heads out to fight Kagetane; stating that solely because he is "Rentaro," is the reason she does not find a replacement. Kisara then watches as Sumire appears on a television screen, sending data of Rentaro's limbs to the people present. She looks down as Rentaro opens the present and sees the president's head. Watching as Sumire places a warm cup on the table, Kisara is told that Rentaro would have gone regardless. [42] Kisara thinks highly of Enju's abilities, even to the point of stating that if Rentaro was not her partner, her IP rank would be in the 1000th or lower. When she hears said words, she claims that she will not accept her task not knowing what they are up against. Before he leaves, he gives Rentaro a present, intriguing Kisara. It appears to be slightly messier in the manga. offer finest quality Black Bullet Satomi Rentaro Cosplay Costume and andother related cosplay accessories in low price. Around her neck, with lighter outlines visible as well, the blouse is gifted with a hole revealing a small portion of her chest. She continues to inform him about her recent discoveries regarding Kohina and Kagetane's history and power, both shocking Rentaro. Black Bullet. Rentaro, being a Promoter, was one of two people (the other being Tina Sprout) to show kindness and concern for her well-being. However, before she can tell Rentaro the danger said case possesses, Kisara hangs up. The Blind Girl, whose real name is unknown, is a poor, female Cursed Child Rentaro Satomi and Tina Sprout encountered at a mall while exploring the Tokyo Area looking for partners to join their team. The Promoter then tells the Blind Girl that she shouldn't come here for a while but he is informed that she has a little sister to take care of. Black Bullet Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. She explains that since she needs to rely on others to survive, she "doesn't know how to do anything but smile". Afterwards, she places her hands on Tina's face quickly getting an image of the outline of her face, and asks if she also is a Cursed Child. Kisara accepts this. Kisara calls Rentaro on his phone, and is momentarily informed that the Gastrea that appeared nearby was defeated by another company. Snow Shadow: Although not much is known about Kisara's Snow Shadow, it has been stated that she possesses extraordinary mastery over said tool; thus making it her main weapon in means of combat. As they stand close to one another, Kisara inquisitively asks him if Enju went home, to which Rentaro responds affirmatively. Before long, she informs him that she received witness reports of another Gastrea very close to their current location. Read Rentaro x Reader from the story Black Bullet X Reader by CessQuine (QueenCess) with 2,863 reads. The file was named the "Ardi File" after the supposed oldest fossil of a 4.1 million-year-old ape-man, named Ardipithecus ramidus, or Ardi for short. She says she'd waited a long time. Her legs were covered by black thigh high socks.As a girl in her teens, Kisara has grown exponentially in height. Badmouthing Rentaro, she confronts him for not telling her about the limited sale; when her stomach suddenly growls. However, before he can explain to her who he is, a man comes rushing in frantically informing them that president Oose is dead, and that the corpse's head is missing. She then hears Seitenshi's missions: to find a case and kill the Gastrea in the Tokyo Area. She then puts him on the phone and listens to their conversation as Rentaro claims that he will be a burden on the operation to retrieve the case. She has a mildly round nose and thin lips. Question spoiler after finishing anime I'm curious about what would happen in the later volumes of LN. Momentarily, she is told that Rentaro is facing off against a remaining member of the New Human Creation Plan, but retaliates, stating that the Rentaro they are familiar with now is not the one who will defeat Kagetane. Her forehead is covered by bangs of uneven hair and like Enju Aihara has a small nose and small mouth. Unfortunately, the two men dropped instead a tab from a soda can as a cruel joke much to the disbelief of both Rentaro and Tina. Black Bullet (Japanese: ブラック・ブレット, Hepburn: Burakku Buretto) is a Japanese light novel series written by Shiden Kanzaki and illustrated by Saki Ukai, published under ASCII Media Works's Dengeki Bunko imprint. [19], Embarrassed with no answer, she turns around as her stomach growls: asking Rentaro for food afterwards. She also seems to keep her composure even when in front of larger groups of company, simply taking a seat and commenting on the strong Promoters when summoned to a meeting, whilst mischievously badmouthing Rentaro's skills.[11]. She grabs her bag and is sequentially asked by Rentaro if she is headed home, to which she denies and tells him that she will go to the hospital since it is the day of analysis. They fight thanks to their peculiar powers until one day, when they receive a special assignment from the government. This is all described in Light Novel Volume 1. However, before he can leave, an explosion is heard. Her upper body was clothed by a shirt with sleeves that sheltered her upper arms. She recalls the time they met Enju, asking him if his goal is to find Enju's parents. The Blind Girl thanks Rentaro and apologizes for making his face turn sad. Due to her status as a Cursed Child, the Blind Girl is subject to the hatred and fear that is normally associated with the Gastrea leaving her ostracized from normal society. Together, they protect the Tokyo area from the threats of the Gastrea. The Blind Girl then listens to the protests of people outside the mall who are against the New Gastrea Law. Upon hearing her explanation about her eyes, he displayed visible anguish over how the Cursed Children are treated by their mothers, and the suffering they must endure. [20], Kisara attempts to stop Rentaro, which she does while another person stops the man confronting them. Black Bullet Anime. Movies. Said words give Rentaro courage, prompting him to tell Kisara to tell Seitenshi that he will help them in the mission. Jul 30, 2014 - The cursed children. ... a precocious young girl. However, Rentaro outruns her, and she becomes tired. Upon closer investigation, the pair discover that she is in fact a Cursed Child of the Outer Area by the cardboard sign loosely slung around her beck. [Black Bullet] Satomi Rentarou and Aihara Enju fighting against Kagetane( The mysterious man who acquired these Varanium machines during the Great Gastrea War) However, she continues to pressure him as she brings up his dead parents, angering him. Below is a List of Characters that have appeared in Black Bullet. An accidental government uploading of a clip uncovered by Doctor Sumire Murotorevealed that the first Gastrea was made in a lab utilizing a female human's body. During her youth, when Rentaro was taken in by her grandfather at the age of six, Kisara would always protect him from her brothers. The two commence their conversation, with Kisara recalling the events that transpired after Enju and Rentaro left Tadashima and the location where the Gastrea was located; they forgot the reward to rush to a limited sale. Rentaro, confused, asks what happened to her eyes stating that all Cursed Children should be immune to diseases. Tendo Sword Style: Not much is known about the Tendo Sword Style except the certainty that a beginner of the Tendo Combat Style would be easily annihilated by those that possesses teachings of this style. He makes her promise him that she won't come back for a while and walks off with Tina. Kisara takes a sit near Sumire and begins to thank her for saving Rentaro's life back when he was attacked by a Gastrea, claiming that it is thank to her that Rentaro is alive. However, her kidney deteriorated to the point where she is forced to assume a clerical position. enju, saooo, saoo. Though it is not confirmed, Rentaro theorizes that the reason th… "I told her to stay with the car," came Kagetane's reply. Kisara blushes and tells her that Rentaro would never do such a thing. Henceforth, Kisara feels a certain type of security when near her savior.[34]. 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[41] After killing her brother, the relationship between the two seems strained, due to Rentaro not agreeing with her methods, leaving Kisara disappointed, due to her hoping that Rentaro would join her in the quest to destroy the Tendo's. As they talk, she tells him that she has to meet with an incredible guy, informing him that in order to make contact with said person she had to give up her next year's school tuition fees. The Blind Girl has long, silver hair that extends below her waist and reaches too almost the bottom of her legs. Whilst aboard the train, Kisara talks in her sleep about getting revenge on the Tendo. The two continue to chat, with Kisara informing Rentaro that no company has eliminated the original source of the Gastrea, nor has any witness shown up with reports. The Promoter reveals his identity as a civil officer before firing a warning shot dispersing the crowd. Some of the crowd urge him to move stating that they need to finish her off before the human race is attacked again. Kisara's skills are said to be crafted from said style, inaugurated into the secrets at a very young age. [33], At some point during the time they lived with Kikunojyo Tendo, Kisara was saved by Rentaro from a Gastrea, resulting in the latter's missing limbs and eye. Along the way, Kisara comments on Rentaro's skills: calling him weak and pondering what IP Rank Enju would have if she were to get another partner, which ultimately maddens him. She stays behind as an angry Rentaro leaves whilst yelling at her. You worthless, weak, big idiot.". Civil Security Corporation vs. Kagetane Hiruko, Rentaro Satomi & Enju Aihara vs. Kagetane Hiruko & Kohina Hiruko, Kisara Tendo & Rentaro Satomi vs. Tina Sprout, Minutes later, they begin to converse about the time Rentaro was sleeping, eating food as they do. Chapter 3. Kisara Tendo (天童 木更, てんどう きさら, Tendō Kisara) is the female protagonist of Black Bullet. [12] As time passed and Gastrea began to take over mankind, Kisara and Rentaro were attacked by a giant Gastrea, leaving Rentaro at death's door when trying to protect her. She takes a hold of the two bags of bean sprouts they brought back and, being asked by Rentaro if she would like one, throws it at his face. [8] Sometimes, however, she irritates people to the point of them storming out of her presence, commonly due to her desire to know what others are doing,[9] and her tending to name others' mistakes. Cut in the traditional Japanese princess style, her hair is choppy, straight, and dark brownish green in color. Black Bullet – 09. [37] Further, the two commonly converse jokingly, with Rentaro offering the idea of Kisara dressing up as a maid and handing out flyers to better their company, whilst Kisara states that Rentaro combusting into flames would grant their company a considerable amount of attention. The Blind Girl displays an inquisitive nature as seen when she touches the faces of both Tina and Rentaro in order to see how they look like. As they enter, they see many companies, and are attacked by a tall man. The two are only seen interacting in one encounter at the mall for the first time, however, like Rentaro Tina shows a degree of compassion for the Blind Girl's situation. In return, she states that he should yell Tendo Civil Security's name in the middle of many people and then spontaneously combust. [24] Getting up to answer her phone, Kisara listens to Seitenshi as the latter tells her that she wishes to speak with Rentaro. Kisara simply looks at him and reminds him that their current location is not the place where they should be discussing it. In response, the Blind Girl takes off her blindfold much to the shock of both people watching her, and explains that her mother poured lead into her eyes (because her mother hated her red eyes) and abandoned her. Before leaving, one person adds that even now the civil officers are on the side of the monsters making Rentaro sigh in disappointment. She loves Rentaro with all her heart. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship them anywhere in the world. [26] She is warmly welcomed by the doctor, who quickly questions her sudden appearance. She then stated to Rentaro that she is truly evil, and was the reason as to why she was able to slay her brother. Kohina dons a small dress with many intricate designs in the middle areas, connected to a bottom skirt that covers her entire lower body. The Blind Girl wears a whitish, gray blindfold that covers her eyes, which according to her, are poured with lead. [3], Kisara is a lively young girl who has no difficulty naming Rentaro Satomi's faults. Her outfit consisted of a small dress, with a skirt covering her thighs. Rentaro possesses thick sideburns connected to his hair which hang loose around his cheekbones on either side. In addition, the Blind Girl values his willingness to put himself in harm's way, and apologizes sincerely for making his face turn sad. As she is asked by the men in the meeting for a percentage of victory, Kisara places her finger on her chin, claiming that she believes they perhaps have a 30% chance of winning. ... Rentaro shot a few black bullets to a few ant model Gastrea. Enju Aihara is a small girl with several prominent features, the most noticeable being her long crimson hair. However, unsure of her workers' safety, she questions what is inside the case, receiving a dry reply in return. Rentaro Satomi The main 16-year-old protagonist of Black Bullet and Enju's promoter of Tendo Civil Security. offer finest quality Black Bullet Satomi Rentaro Cosplay Wig 342B and other related cosplay accessories in low price. See more ideas about black bullet, bullet, black. Shortly enough, Kisara lowers her head and admits that she was unable to stop Rentaro from going. A couple of days later, Rentaro walks through the now ruined mall gazing at shattered stores, and graffiti stating that all Cursed Children should go away. The… She angrily hangs up and rants about killing him afterward. Further; several strands of his unkempt hair, having gaps in several locations, arch around his thin eyebrows and hover on top of his thick eyelashes. [38] When they were on a train, Kisara begins to talk in her sleep, asking Rentaro for help; with Rentaro holding her tightly and affirming that he will avenge the Tendo. She does not carry her sword at all time. When they get there, she recalls the events of the other day at the office when she asked about his goals, but is told by Rentaro to get to the point. Before he leaves, she wishes him good luck and tells him to take care. Compassionately, Rentaro takes 3000 yen of his own savings, and gives it to the Blind Girl who asks why would he give all this money. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. View, comment, download and edit black bullet Minecraft skins. Her gratitude is dismissed by Sumire, who inquiries her sweetness, told that if she acts similarly when around Rentaro the latter would not hesitate to lupin dive her. As she does so, she hears him say that he finds it unbelievable that there is not a single witness, but she contradicts him as she states that he himself is one. When he questions the government's reasons for not sounding the alarm, Kisara calmly informs him that they would not use compulsory measure such as the evacuation alarm. And I know you would of liked it One of the best Black bullet Enju moments, Enju x Rentaro even ;) Got to love some anime upskirt moments. ... Rentaro, a boy living near Tokyo and a member of the "Civil Security"—an organization specializing in fighting against the Gastrea—is used to accomplishing dangerous tasks. When at work, she prefers for Rentaro to call her "president" rather than her first name. As Kisara takes her seat, Seitenshi explains that as the president of the Tendo Civil Security she has the duty to attend the meeting, much to Kikunojyo displeasure. ... up going with the flow when hes accused of things like kidnapping young girls to fulfill his dream of creating a young girl harem — and how can you not giggle at that? Her upper body was clothed by a shirt with sleeves that sheltered her upper arms. For a girl of her age, the Blind Girl has a mature and calm personality as even when Monolith 32 was being destroyed by the Gastrea, she still went to the mall to beg for money using her voice explaining that she has a little sister to take care of.

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