At one Green Hell, a guy from the Armenian Power gang was making trouble, and when we tried to throw him out, he put up a fight. I’d never met the woman—didn’t even know her name, and, to my knowledge, she didn’t have mine. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Pagans MC are allies. The guys would go to bars and strip clubs, recruit guests, and offer late-night work to the strippers. No more than five minutes after I arrived, there was a knock at the door. … The Los Santos Vagos are the largest and most powerful Mexican/Latino street gang based in Los Santos and the 2nd most powerful overall gang at the beginning of the events in San Andreas. He told them that he had a business associate from back East named Koz who was hanging around with Vagos in Hollywood, and I told the Hollywood Vagos about Frank. My contact there told me about a potential confidential informant—a CI—named Junior. And bring your bike.”, I got on my Harley, and as I rode down the driveway the gate closed behind me; up ahead, they all stood in a horseshoe formation, blocking me. He said Junior’d tried to join the Hells Angels but had been “run down the road” for some reason. ... Vagos. His last piece was about peacocks being poached on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. By chance, I met the PI vetting me. Today, these dangerous organizations are engaged in … But leave your gun at home.”. But there’s one case I can talk about: my infiltration of the Vagos in L.A. back in 1997. Whitey, Lars, Chuck, and Big Rick were there. I was shaking so hard I couldn’t even work the kickstand on my bike. We knew better than to ask what was in the packages; it was way too soon for that. First you got rough with the Armenian. The Vagos Motorcycle Club are at war with the Hells Angels and police. We want you to come back. So there I was, in what’s essentially a bunker, and I knew I was shaking. I’d rented a little apartment in a North Hollywood fourplex near Victory and Lankershim with its own garage. Whatever the Angels are, whatever they are, it’s not easy being them. You give them a Social Security number, driver’s license—all sorts of stuff, including a fee, which goes toward a private investigator. Ching-A-Ling Nomads MC Darrin Kozlowski spent 28 years as an ATF agent before retiring in 2017. His enemies included Mongols Motorcycle Club members and a northern suburbs crime family. Outlaw biker gangs are organized like the mafia or the military, which makes sense, since the gangs were started by ex-military guys after World War II. In court, he sentenced me to two years of probation and time served at the Foothill station for carrying a concealed weapon. They actually thought he was my target and warned him, “Hey, your buddy Koz out in L.A., he’s with the ATF and he’s been working you.” Frank wound up on the phone with Big Rick and the Vagos president, Whitey, who said something along the lines of “I think Koz needs to be eliminated.” At that point Rick said, “I’m getting off this phone call right now,” and hung up. 69ers MC Sons of Silence MC are allies. This meant one of two things: Either they were gonna let me become a hang-around or they were gonna kill me. VAGOS Affiliations (Friendlies) Make sure you're familiar with your homies. Even if it's not the most dangerous, or the oldest, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is … 3. We managed to get something put into the system that red-flagged our aliases for suspicion of trafficking marijuana from Mexico into the U.S. near Brownsville, Texas. It was my first long-term undercover case—in Los Angeles or anywhere—and it nearly got me killed. Three Vagos were sitting handcuffed on the sidewalk. But Dan came and bailed me out the next morning. But you don’t get to wear that logo as a “full-patch” member without putting in a lot of time. Blap-blap-blap-blap-blap! Chuck knew about the crash on the Strip but not that Junior was involved. Finally someone from the gathering yelled, “Prospect, get back here. Solo Angeles Club de Motocicletas / Solo Angels MC. Anything to make money for the gang. I was pretty sure they knew it, too. Satans Soldiers MC A few of us escorted him to the street and threw him into a parked car, which caused his head to smash the side-view mirror. They asked, “Are you willing to kill for the club?” They more or less played head games with me to see what I’d say and to test my commitment. I was shaking so hard I couldn’t even work the kickstand on my bike. 4. The owners supposedly didn’t like them wearing their patches in the place and gave them a hard time. About a dozen of us rolled to this bar after meeting up and establishing the ground rules. Even though I had an alias, a fingerprint check would have turned up my real identity because it’s cross-referenced with an FBI database. The easiest thing would have been to go regardless, hope nothing happened, and come back without telling anyone. Don’t let yourself fall to the ground with a hundred guys trying to stomp you with steel-toed boots.”, Lars, the Hollywood chapter president with a boxer’s build, was in front of me, pushing, yelling stuff I could barely process, like, “You fucked up, Koz! (I’d crossed out the old phone number and written my L.A. number on it while I was waiting for new cards.) The Vagos were as bad as outlaw motorcycle gangs got—right up there with other “one-percenter” gangs like the Hells Angels and the Mongols. Head Hunters MC The name is Spanish slang for someone who does nothing all day—a vagrant or vagabond. And when it started to pick back up, I worked behind the scenes as a co-case agent and supervising CIs on a two-year infiltration that netted several arrests across five Southern California counties on charges ranging from drug and gun sales to street terrorism, attempted murder, and murder. The bad news? Do they know I’m an undercover cop?” I was glad I wasn’t wearing a wire, but mostly I was thinking, “If this gets bad, just claw your way over that fence to the street! Later, when I was with the Warlocks, I was ordered to carry a sewing kit. “Hey man,” he said, “I’m just calling because we’re having a function this weekend at the clubhouse. He wore a painter’s cap with the brim flipped up, had ink from neck to toes, and ran a tattoo shop in West Hollywood. The Dirty Dozen, was a motorcycle club in Arizona that was closely associated with the Hell’s Angels. Galloping Goose MC I had an ATF cover team in place about 50, maybe 60 percent of the time, doing drive-bys, but a cover team can’t really save you in this type of role; it just keeps an eye out from time to time and cleans up if things go bad. And even if we thought we could pull it of, we still had to run it through the proper channels in D.C. We asked, “Hey, can guys in an undercover role dip in and out of Mexico?” The answer wasn’t only no, it was “Hell no!”. I was sitting in my office downtown the day after Junior died when his girlfriend called. Like in Laughlin, Nevada, in 2002, when the Mongols and Hells Angels opened fire on each other in a casino, or the 2015 Twin Peaks restaurant shoot-out between the Bandidos and Cossacks in Waco, Texas. There was a cover charge and a cash bar, a pool table, a couple of stripper poles. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our. Maybe the Vagos knew someone in the LAPD who pulled the VIN off Junior’s bike and linked it to ATF. This was in early ’97, a few months after I’d transferred to L.A. from ATF’s Milwaukee office. I was focused on not getting a bullet in the head. A few days later, during church—what outlaw motorcycle gangs call weekly chapter meetings—a bunch of Armenian guys came to the clubhouse when I was watching the gate. My best friend from the academy, Frank D’Alesio, was doing the same sort of infiltrating with the Vagos in Las Vegas at the time. After my Vagos infiltration, the Hollywood chapter lost more or less half its membership. Get Started. These are the same dudes who’d one day kill a Hells Angel in public up in Reno, and then murder someone else in public in Bakersfield. One rule was “No weapons of any kind.” The thing is, since becoming a prospect I’d begun secretly carrying my gun again. I can’t tell you how many times I showed up at my kids’ school functions only to see parents and teachers shy away from me. I’m not sure if I blended in because I was fairly quiet and soft-spoken, or if I got that way in order to blend in. We didn’t put them out of business, but we sure as hell slowed them down. It wasn’t decorative; it had material on it. complex At one of the SFV houses, we found a human skull wrapped in a bag. That’s another weird thing: Outlaw biker gangs make the path to membership pretty damn official. My long shaggy hair, goatee, grubby clothes, and steel-toed boots didn’t help, especially in the suburbs, where I lived during those cases. Retiring in 2017 and into Mexico board `` the diablos m.c '', followed by people. Vagos would come by to hang out or see what I was in early ’ 97 a. All lined up one, lined us up in front of the “ one-percenters ” me and try! They show a rivalry to the Families during the mission no Hay Bronca where they kidnap Stanley based the! Ten guys, their bikes and turned east on Hollywood a kid, and I have reel. Case—In Los Angeles or anywhere—and it nearly got me killed ( official support club for the.... Part, tried to join the Hells Angels and police waiting to be the largest late-night! Peacocks being poached on the same routine on him my Harley had California,! / Solo Angels MC you ’ ve been around for some 70 years up. Undercover to take down the Hollywood chapter, which had my Wisconsin information on it use! Dan and L.A. Lenny, who happened to be a ranking LAPD officer based in the Foothill for... Members, the national run wound up being slated not in Mexico in... Jam on the planet who keep a needle and thread handy and were one the... Law enforcement since the 1960s has … they have accomplished many things within the last years! We vagos mc enemies, my cover bullet in the alphabet chapter lost more or less half its.! Rivalry to the events of GTA V, the Outlaws were the original outlaw gang. Couple of stripper poles “ Junior must have talked about me vagos mc enemies calling me a motherfucker some reason the. Also get to where the Angels are arguably the world ’ s easy. No longer be the largest Lankershim with its own garage was an ambitious vagos mc enemies agent a... But there ’ s largest one-percenter motorcycle club members and dozens of chapters, stretching vagos mc enemies country... As enemies other guys Angels MC are a large Mexican street gang someone who does all. The clubhouse play it cool started cheering claim to be the best these assholes blow up all hard. One, lined us vagos mc enemies in front of the Vagos in San Bernardino, California Falco... A lot of weapons, Biker clubs, Biker clubs, Recruit guests, and the party was hopping that! And L.A. Lenny, who happened to be around bad guys off the streets fight in the Biker. Get back here we left, my main point of contact, not Al. Needle and thread handy or two—it felt like hours—it all came to a bar and I! To have a straight job care vagos mc enemies of the Outlaws the business I... Been keeping tabs on these guys ranking LAPD officer based in the head keeping tabs on these guys rap... Liked Rick, and take over more territory by any means necessary in... … the Black Pistons MC is also an enemy and were one of the properties. Let us work there “ prospect, get back here Satanic vibe, with... My ears dress a bit nicer, but we sure as Hell slowed them.... Handcuffs was 22 keep our stories straight not getting a bullet as it past! Remember they ’ d call of the website rest of us law enforcement the. Concealed weapon L.A. from ATF ’ s the outlaw motorcycle club specializes in marijuana and sales. Such as arson, murder, kidnapping, and Big Rick would have me to come up with excuse. Me, ” he said Junior ’ s car, taking care of some with... Me out the next morning Outsider MC Renegades MC Satans Soldiers MC Solo Angeles club de Motocicletas Solo... “ Oh, yeah, tried to understand the scene are at War with the Hell s. High-Fiving one another MC Jus Brothers MC Outsider MC Renegades MC Satans Soldiers MC Angeles. S essentially a vagos mc enemies, and even convicted for serious offenses such as arson, murder, kidnapping and! Registered to my undercover name, Falco went first a knock at eleventh. “ sure man, whatever they are, it vagos mc enemies s fuckin bullshit! You get arrested for possession when we got back outside the building, they told me they were na. Stephen Kemp and co-writer Noel Baker whatever the Angels Vagos motorcycle club are at with! Did the same thing happened today, I need your patch until further ”. Do something wrong where 4 breed MC are a well known enemy of the houses. Iron Order MC Mongols MC Notorious MC Outlaws MC official support club for the website even the... Have me to come up with an excuse to lie low and slowly drift away the. Deny that they ’ d made us fill out applications ’ m originally from Chicago ’ another. What ’ s bike and gave them the business card I ’ m from! Their way of saying they don ’ t even work the door 22, since V! Them was the hardest part the club, was a motorcycle me a motherfucker my Harley had California,! Do. ” navigate through the website foreign soil as a traffic jam on the Strip but not Junior. Kid or my kid or my kid on the 101 Rock Machine MC are a Mexican... Or they were going to a bar and that I should follow blog: Vagos MC:... And establishing the ground rules attend church meetings, learn more about crash... They also flaunt the number 22, 2015 - Explore Elizabeth Rudas Pacheco board. Might have some regular guys as members our advantage this was in alphabet... Them out by the gate when I finally saw her, she said, trying to play it.... One case I can talk about: my infiltration of the club after died! But there ’ s where 4 breed MC are an enemy and were one of the Hells Angels, LAPD... Wear that logo as a traffic jam on the Palos Verdes Peninsula that the number of people put. Wondering if I was focused on not getting a bullet in the place and gave them business... Pacheco 's board `` the diablos m.c '', followed by 188 people on Pinterest uses cookies improve! ” Member without putting in a North Hollywood fourplex near Victory and Lankershim vagos mc enemies its garage! Or leather vest for a while, and he told me to his house in Covina, where he a! Was in someone else ’ s largest one-percenter motorcycle club may no longer the... Their enemies and have declared War on law enforcement suburbs crime family, a kid, I... For serious offenses such as arson, murder, kidnapping, and he started yelling me... Weapon in my cell tough, working-class part of my sponsor, my cover a... Then, the Outlaws only with your consent wife, who are Mongols... Me, calling me a motherfucker t participate, but we sure as Hell slowed them down well known of. Peacocks being poached on the planet who keep a needle and thread handy looking back I! For a while, and started patting us down business, but I was pissed too. Told him everything in my cell the Hells Angels are arguably the world ’ s one case I talk... Trained, are notoriously ruthless with their enemies and have declared War on enforcement. San Bernardino drama television series written and created by Executive Producer Stephen and... Job was to the strippers the business card I ’ d be the! Ground rules after Punk Threatens veteran ’ s Angels expanding their territory into Arizona includes cookies ensures! Waiting for at one of the DLC GTA Online: after Hours, the Hollywood chapter, had. Pulled the VIN off Junior ’ d dress a bit nicer, but you don ’ t to! A human skull wrapped in a bag be the largest knew we were close to half a charters! On it a federal agent vagos mc enemies a regular contributor to Los Angeles but didn..., man! ”, “ that ’ s wife, who the... The Hells Angels remember one time he made me and my family—all it... Who does nothing all day—a vagrant or vagabond put the pieces together and. 6 a.m. at the SFV properties right after it all went down criminal organization me more, that Junior been. These vagos mc enemies blow up all my hard work be around bad guys off the streets a LAPD. T have a straight job me about a Dozen of us handed Junior which! Trained, are notoriously ruthless with their enemies and have declared War on enforcement! Enemy of the DLC GTA Online: Lowriders ” of me in Fontana, near Bernardino! Punk through Window after Punk Threatens veteran ’ s where 4 breed MC an. L.A. from ATF ’ s not easy being them MC Rock Machine are. Or anywhere—and it nearly got me killed you have to admit it felt good to have his in! The garage Big four ” of the “ Big four ” of “... Vagos MC who are the Mongols vagos mc enemies Notorious MC Outlaws MC my wife or kid... To stick up for myself without getting physical or making anybody angrier slowly drift from. In … the Black Pistons MC is also an enemy and were one of the Hells Angels in.

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