Two very lucky girls to have such a glam space to get ready!! PS  If you are looking for something from the room, I tried to list as many of the sources as I could over on my Shop My House page. What a transformation! Great job! I saw your image floating around Instagram, and it's so nice to read the entire blog post! And pink and white polkadotted organizers. You can see it on my Shop My House page here: Happy day friend! Now we have a white bathroom with blue Moroccan tile and I couldn’t be happier. Love everything about this new/old room! I only have marble in my powder room, and I'm just stumped about how to keep it looking good. You did an amazing transformation! LOL Am I the only one that feels it has sort of a "70's vibe now? Replace the wiring, too, with a dedicated 20-amp circuit and plenty of outlets for all the appliances you use, from electric razors and toothbrushes to hair-straightening irons. It's like the old bathroom went to Hollywood and got a glamorous make-over, perfect! Remodeling a Vintage Farmhouse in the Middle of the Country. Also cut out and remove all the existing water lines and fittings in the bathroom. Great p[ace for teenage girls to spend lots of time! Very smart. Great job! The girls must adore it Totally modern and yet very classic, and totally changeable if styles change or their taste changes. every time i come to your site!! It's so beautiful! xoxo. Totally digging everything in this bathroom makeover. Discover our favorite spaces that combine weathered patinas, nostalgic style, and meaningful mementos with breezy color schemes. In the process she gets to have some decorating and remodeling fun starting with taking her bathroom which suffered a nondescript 1980s remodel back to its 1950s roots. Absolutely fantastic makeover. You know I'm no 'fresh hen' but I would love that bathroom.. I love it!!! Could it really be that I never showed you? We gave a sneak-peek of my 1960s bathroom remodel — really, just a “refresh” — when we showed the countertop — our new Retro Renovation® Delightful Jade from our new collection with Wilsonart. You are a very gifted lady and I just want you to know you’re a blessing and an inspiration. A small bathroom has most of the same elements as a large bathroom and remodeling requires assistance from the same in-demand professionals as does a large bathroom. You get many extra points for repurposing a vanity that you already had. And with so many people today loving glass tile, I think that Trina did a great job incorporating glass tile into her floor and wall trim — kind of “best of both worlds”. Turn off the main water supply to the house, and in a convenient location, cut the hot and cold water supply pipes for the bathroom. 60 vintage farmhouse bathroom remodel ideas on a budget. I am planning the renovation of my hall bath now, so this post was so timely and sooo inspiring! That subway is just what I've been looking for, but I see HD doesn't carry a matching bullnose for edges. As always you did a great job. I left and have not returned. While remodeling a house from the 1960s may not be as technically difficult as taking on an Arts and Crafts bungalow or a Victorian gingerbread house, sorting through various options and considerations is very important. NO!! Just wondered how you "refurbished" the tub? It is just perfect. She's got a list of projects for me a mile long and number 1 on her list was the bathroom. Well done! Jan 9, 2018 - Explore Angie Chappell's board "What to do with a 50's PINK bathroom? Young Architecture Services 4140 S. Cider Mill Run New Palestine, Indiana 46163 Phone 317-507-7931 ranch additions ideas basement remodel rustic add basement to house home additions one story ranch house exterior makeover ranch home exterior makeover bathroom elevations ranch addition house additions ideas ranch house addition The best line, though, is "give the impression that the room has jewelry." And you can find both these tiles (and a zillion other Jeffrey Court tile) at your local Home Depot. There’s a tiny chandelier with sparkles that hangs over each vanity. HAHAHAHAHAHA hope this made your day because that's a major compliment from Miss Sass herself. KariAnne, I wish you were my Momma, I’d then have the most beautiful bathroom ever! The bathroom is beautiful! 😕 This is the only bathroom for this house so it needs to be practical (e.g. Please see my disclosure page for more information. Shelley. As you all know my wife is in major nesting mode at this point. Karianne, your daughters’ bathroom is shockingly beautiful. I would give almost anything to have such bathroom. Decide on Your Bathroom Remodeling Budget Your bathroom remodeling budget is determined by a varying set of factors including the size of the bathroom, the extent of repairs, the quality of the materials that you choose, whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, and your ability to finance the remodel. Go to today to find and hire skilled local professionals in your area. I really don't want another surface mount. In this video I'll show you some of the things you may discover when tackling a job like this, including old wall finishes, poor framing, plumbing and electrical oddities, and more. Her master bathroom had a major case of 1982, but more importantly it wasn’t usable. Please scroll up and look at the before and then look at the after. Share: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share by email. The title is fabulous too - timeless! What a transformation!! Silver lining is now I’ve loads of your great post to read at once and pictures to savour. She side eyed me like she expected more. Just lovely! Pretty, pretty, pretty, from that tile floor to the brass tub and faucets fittings. Pure glam. (total decorating aside:  the vanity actually came from our bathroom.  When we cut down the wall to make room for the door, the vanity was too big, so we repurposed it in this bathroom and changed out the hardware). Single. I had scrolled back up before even reading your suggestion, that’s how incredible this redo seemed. love, Love, LOVE it!!!! I don't know if I can even pick a favorite thing because it is all SO beautiful!! Yes it was cute but I was very happy to remodel it when we could. Love, Love, Love. REALLY, EMERSON? I am blown away! The advancement of time is surely relentless. The dimensions are short and fat, all current cabinets are tall and thin. "Even if you really dislike it, you have to go with it," Adams says. Love! If so, how did you handle it for the remodel? You always make me laugh...and drool over your makeovers. It's gorgeous. My first thought was how did three girls get ready for school at that tiny sink!!! I'm sure the twins are absolutely loving the new bathroom design. Here’s my inspiration board that I created as a jumping off point. If you’re tackling a bathroom remodel project, having a working knowledge of what to expect and what to consider can make the difference between a months-long waking nightmare ending in a bathroom that you settle for or a near-pleasant experience resulting in the room of your dreams. May 28, 2020 - Explore Connie Naeve's board "50's bathrooms", followed by 138 people on Pinterest. ;-). Wowser! One question...what happen with the window opening in the tub/shower area? I couldn't tell by looking at the photos if it was still there. They will LOVE it and give you extra hugs and kisses for it!!! WOW!! Just stunning! I LOVE that shower curtain. All I can say is...Wow! Seriously. ;} BTW, clearly, I love it too. And by the way, 15K is actually a very low budget when it comes to a full remodel. What a beautiful room! You can see all of the before photos of this bathroom in this blog post(with everything in it being original, except for the yellow paint a previous owner covered the wall tile with), and here’s a picture of the space before it was gutted just to give you an idea of the dramatic improvement! I just HAD to pin it up!!! Oh how lovely!!! Ours isn't that bad though. Aqua tile on the floor and white square tile on the walls and a built-in toilet paper holder and mirrors with the mirror kind of flaking off. Great job! You had me at the pineapple towels. You out did yourself on this one and I bet your girls just love it!! So we tore the bathroom down to the studs and took part of the closet to make a bigger vanity for the twins and replaced the toilet and refurbished the tub and tiled the room to the ceiling. Your head will spin as you watch professional contractors do a number on your bathroom. And, unlike the turquoise-tile original, the colors you added can easily be changed out and updated (bolder, softer, whatever is on trend) without ripping the room down to the studs. This is gorgeous - another beautiful and inspiring makeover! love the new bathroom!! Because the tile is so classic, I can easily change out the accessories in the room to create an entirely different look when the twins get older. love everything!!! The one with the tiny little flowers that reversed itself when you flipped the comforter over. Bring back a retro vibe from the 1950s into your existing bathroom with a chic remodel. Well done!! The beautiful tiles, the gold hardware, and all the accessories are perfect together! Love the white with pops of color. All I can say is WOW! The recess in my wall is 17.5 tall x 30 wide. What did you use? Absolutely stunning ! The store owner informed me that NO ONE is using brass anymore..."it will never come back" she said. I just love a good before and after. ♥️🦋. A few years ago I was shopping for a new light fixture at our one and only lighting store (not a big box store) to match my brass accessories in my master bath. Remodeling a 1950s era bath that has never been touched since it was built can reveal a lot of unwelcome surprises. Yayyyy! I did that 10 times just to make my day even happier. The bathroom looks so much better. Incorporate pastel hues, chrome furnishings, vintage wallpaper and old-fashioned accents to enhance the 1950s theme. But probably not this beautiful because WOW! I would have too. I'm loving seeing all your renovations! Oh, my goodness! It’s a jack and jill bath upstairs at the new (old) house.  My bedroom was on one side and my sisters’ bedroom was on the other side.  They shared a bedroom and I got my very own.  I wish I had pictures of that bedroom growing up. KARIANNE! So, I’m going to show you again. I'm sure the girls do too. The reality is that a 50 square foot bathroom may be one-third the size of a large 150-square-foot bath, but remodeling it typically costs about 75 percent of a large bath in terms of time, money, and effort. A busy homeowner squeezing remodeling work into a hectic schedule might take six months to painstakingly remodel a spare bathroom, while the same bathroom can be whipped into shape in a couple of weeks by a contractor and his team. Happy day friend! With a bathroom like that, I would probably find several reasons to stay in their all day. A bathroom plastered with pastel-hued tile circa the 1950s and '60s is often the stuff of nightmares. It's just gorgeous! Thank you! What a fabulous transformation! Have been eyeing the tile for a bathroom update we are planning! I'm looking for a medicine cabinet. See more ideas about vintage bathrooms, retro bathrooms, vintage bathroom. Yes, I did look at the before-and-after several times, because wow! Oct 13, 2018 - Bring back a retro vibe from the 1950s into your existing bathroom with a chic remodel. You have a great sense of humor - and a new reader! I'm especially swooning over the poppy color and how it just brings joy to the rest of the gorgeous space. I was assuming glass block but didn’t see it in any of the after shots. Love, love, love it! LOVE! 😉. As in, they couldn’t even take a shower in there. karianne. We're currently knee deep in renovating my daughters' bathroom and this gives me hope that one day it will be finished and beautiful. In the process, she gets to have some decorating and remodeling fun, starting with taking her bathroom — which suffered a nondescript 1980s remodel — back to its 1950s roots. I absolutely love every single detail of this bathroom makeover. Do you think there is any value to doing that or should I just get rid of it all?! Wow! Incorporate pastel hues, chrome furnishings, vintage wallpaper and old-fashioned accents to enhance the 1950s theme. As always, GORGEOUS! I love it. Will you be my Mama? Beautiful!!! What a fabulous change! Amazing, hard to believe it’s the same bathroom. Please buy those girls a curved shower rod. We have the black and white tile floor and I love it. REALLY??? You had me at Aqua Net and Flock of Seagulls! I actually did a not very attractive mouth drop, the transformation was that spectacular. 2. I love all of this!!! If I close my eyes I can still smell the Aqua Net and hear Flock of Seagulls blaring over the boom box. And butterfly tiles that look just like this. Phased remodel of American Minimalist 1950s bathroom - Help. Remodeling a 1950s era bath that has never been touched since it was built can reveal a lot of unwelcome surprises. Before & After: A Mismatched 1950s Bathroom Gets Simplified . ), Oh wow, what a makeover. And I love that the color scheme could easily be changed with a few accessory swaps. Every. I see it popping up and love it! Comments (5) This is the style vanity I have seen I like. Wonderfully feminine for your sweet twinkies! Just beautiful. I need advice about our 1950s bathroom remodel. Can you share the source for the mirrors? If so, how do you take care of it? Include your favorite retro items to reflect your personal decorating preferences from a bygone decorating era. Just in case you were concerned that the butterflies had all flown away. My current one is 24.5 In deep to the edge of the counter. ;) xoxo. If you’re getting ready to embark on a bathroom remodel, you want to get it right. A little smaller can work but I can't find anything. The mirrors were originally silver and I just added a little Rub ‘N Buff to give them a little more sparkle. Where did you get them? Your girls are just too lucky!!! Wow! I simply canNOT even! Marilee, We had a local company come in and resurface it in place! OMGosh STUNNING!!! Copyright © 2021 Thistlewood Farms, LLC • Site by FirstTracks Marketing, Aqua Net and Stirrup Pants and Butterflies, this amazing, incredible glossy pearls tile. The white backdrop, the pops of color and layers of brass...swooooon! I decided to go with gold instead of the traditional brushed nickel to create the impression that the room has jewelry. Shut the front door!!! Question for you: is the countertop carrera marble?

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