Its difficult to commit to growing out your hair, only to be confronted with an uneven do for months on end. Once in the chair, Shayna provided in-depth analysis of what she was seeing with each mans mane and her strategy for approaching. A most fascinating predicament, Dominick, though concerning. Hi there, looking for some advice. Check out these posts also: Whats The Deal With Split Ends? How long is it supposed to take to lose your hair if its normal? After that, I like to get a maintenance trim about twice a year. Great article and will be visiting regularly. So i stopped tying it up. I'm a boy and I usually get a short back and sides (3 at the back and side), and because my hair grows very thick quickly, I decided this time time to let it grow out so I don't have to get a cut every 3 weeks. But before you give up and chop it off again, there are a few things you can do to maximize how quickly your strands grow. Yo Tam, thanks for the comment! Its really hard to go get that trim when you want your hair to grow longer, but I did it yesterday. Patience, like in many things, will overcome difficulties. Now they can move on and grow it out.that woman cutting knew her stuff. Check out this post here should give you some solid options: Let me know in the comments! Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Big thanks to Jason, Skyler and Billy for volunteering, showing up and putting their locks on the line for the greater good of humanity. Please do me a favor and share this post to social media, as it helps me grow my audience and spread the word about our Silver Revolution! when you begin from a pompadour, as the lenght of it give a fringe to the eye brushes, you can begin growing out and you trim at the hairline until all the hair come to this lenght, then you grow out Yes, your beard may itch, look messy, and force you to bury your razor in the backyard for fear of breaking down and using it, but youll start to see just how fantastic you could look with a full beard. Hey guys, I wanna let my hair grow but I'm concen with the awkward stage. Hope this is at least a little helpful. Thank you guys for not just selling your products but for also providing this great support forum. The Uncomfortable Truth About Awkward Stage Hair, Confidently Navigate Your Visit to the Salon, Mitigating Damaged Hair: A Salon Experience for Bros,,,, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now that Ive found The Longhairs site, I understand that it takes masculine courage and determination to let your hair grow out. Im 2 months in. How do you know if someone has frizzy hair or split ends. (Its also best for summer top-down driving.) It will be a different type of cut depending on your hair type, where youre at and where youre trying to be, but generally there is a good trimming strategy for most guys suffering with awkward stage hair. Song encouraging the people of Thneedville to let the tree grow. Experience an epic hydrating shampoo with argan, aca and flaxseed oils and a blend of conditioning agents that cleanse your hair and scalp while restoring its natural moisture balance. My question is if I just let it ride all the way through, will I still need to get it cleaned up once I pass the awkward trials? Coub is YouTube for video loops. it will go really thin and to make it a little more boyish and messy, get a little gek in your hands, rub it in your hands and put your fingers through your hands from the bottom of your head to the top and sort of shake it. Hello. And remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Pinterest Feed for more gray hair tips and product recommendations. The curly hair: bigger challenge. congratulations to Shayna who is parsimonious with the scissors !!! lol I bet you can tell how old I am just by the question I'm askinganyway, I was just wondering :) You can let it grow if you want to or you can shave it off. I wrote detailed info below. I last got the sides and back shaved in May, and since then i have been growing all my hair out. I used to have long hair before and now its short but I wanna let it grow again. Whatever the case, its unstable ground. Glad to have you, start here: In our definitive post on The Uncomfortable Truth About Awkward Stage Hair, there are dozens of variations to this question, from should I cut in the awkward stage, should I trim the sides, should I use productWHAT SHOULD I DO? I think getting regular trims along the way to keep it looking and feeling good as it grows will help me beat the awkward stage. This time I googled pics of men with long hair for inspiration and stumbled upon The Longhairs videos and web site. I took advantage of quarantine to cut all of my hair to the same length. The best way to get through the awkward phase it to just own it. also walking makes it grown faster. Let it grow but its awkward, How to get pee smell out of fabric couch, Let it grow but its awkward, How to get pee smell out of fabric couch, 27.11.2018; 4; let it grow but full of memes. MIKE!! I have very thick dark tight curly hair and for 2 years i had long hair (chin length when curly, longer when straight) on the top of my head, and a shaved undercut back and sides. Thanks guys! So I have never tried to grow out my hair until recently, Im 15 and Ive started growing my hair out for around 5 or 6 months now and Im trying to grow my hair out to my shoulders, a few problems I have had with my hair during the awkward stage are: I have hair that is thick and the sides of my hair are curly so I find it difficult to style it. In any case, your hair may be awkward, but you are still awesome. After watching you should have a good sense of where you stand, and how you might wish to proceed as you navigate through your own awkward stage journey. but imagine now the young babes get to see themselves getting the cute crushbeing looked up to as the leader of the ganghaving an embarrassing and dysfunctional but loving familyawkward growing pains (i didnt even know what a bra was till that lizzie bra episode)..i just want andi mack to flourish and grow for over 10+ seasons and get a couple movies and Much like Shana provided for these guys. Dumb mistake. Hair in awkward spotslet it grow? i read the first line then skipped to thankyou for reading LOL. Thank u for opinions.? However i gave up in October as i thought I looked ridiculous with the mini afro growing on my head. Growing your hair out can feel like watching grass grow. My questions are, is there a specific way to cut thicker hair during this process to not make it look as poofy and how do you recommend cleaning my neck hair while trying to grow it out and at the same time trying to maintain a clean and professional look for my job? It. If i let them be, is there a way to stop them flairing out while in a ponytail? The transformation from short to long hair takes time and your acquaintances will gradually adjust to your long hair along with you. As you can read in the comments on that post, our answers to should I cut in the awkward stage have mostly focused on trimming around the ears and the back of the neck, but generally to let the rest keep growing. For me though, I simply reminded myself of what long hair was like for me years ago and the fun of having style options every day based on mood. I have very thick dark tight curly hair and for 2 years i had long hair (chin length when curly, longer when straight) on the top of my head, and a shaved undercut back and sides. (Woah Woah) Let It Grow, Let It Grow, You can't reap what you don't sow. Maybe your hair is on point, or maybe it's a glorious mess. Patchiness tends to appear and be most visible in the early stages of beard growth. I want to get to about 18 inches, maybe a bit less just let those short hairs grow Or should i just trim them consistently? Hell no. After the big day, one of our spirited volunteer brethren wrote us a follow-up note he wanted to share with all the awkward stage hair guys out there: Whether you have short hair, long hair, or awkward hair, it really comes down to confidence. its just awkward. I wouldn't know how much to have them take off! Sound advice that has served us and others well. Let this be our solemn creed. Comment below. Or when you add Frozen 2 or Olafs Frozen Adventure to the mix. I'm a boy and I usually get a short back and sides (3 at the back and side), and because my hair grows very thick quickly, I decided this time time to let it grow out so I don't have to get a cut every 3 weeks. Also will I need to get it styled/straightened or something for it to look good once it's grown a bit more? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Heres a good video to watch for this: I wouldn't straighten it unless you really want that look usually on a guy with straightened hair looks kinda emo so if that's the look you want go for it if not stay away from the Straightener. You bulk up all this weight in which you lose your abs and cuts in your muscles to where you dont look as good. Finally going for it. Best of luck, guys! Theres multiple stages most beard-growers will inevitably go through in the process. Even if it looks a bit unkempt, let it grow longer while giving you a better sense of what your bearded future holds. the first subject did begin from a buzzed cut, and now his hair is much layered and thin in the lenght; in that case, its better cutting around at the hairline until all the hair come to that lenght; after, the akward stage will take less time ( 10-12 monthes to tie the hair) Ive been growing my hair for 4 months now should I go and trim the split ends what is your guys recommendation. so i felt bad so now im gonna read it all my brother did the same. (I know the last question might sound stupid but that question has been in the back of my mind for a while now). You need to give yourself at least a month, if not two, to see what the true potential of your beard can be. The hairstylist knows what shes doing, and shes not trying to cut off three inches of hair like some hairdressers do! It is a shorter length at the sides than the top and as i had most strands on the top of my hair dyed a light blonde its quite noticeable that the sides arent. Where should I go from here? Youre in the right place man! Hi gentleman. Well, you know the hair that grows on female sex organs (as used in many science books). The short answer is yes. With short hair I can say that every time you get your hair cut it feels good. Its a fair question. This isnt just a product sales web siteits more of a support group. and Mitigating Damaged Hair: A Salon Experience for Bros. Hello! too stylists doesnt accept their customers wear longhair( and cut for making last the akward stage and discourage the subjet to grow out !!!) As it gets closer you might trim the top a small bit to even things out. Its been a journey of messed hair & dilemma on cutting the hair or to keep it and im happy with the hair growth for now. Some guys do this, a couple who come to mind are Clay Mathews and David Bakhtiari. it will look good :). if you accept a mullet ( to wear a high ball) , it will more neat if its trimmed straight ( third case) I mean when the hair looks like a mess, when its not long but its not short. If you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, then that's how others will perceive you. The awkward stage is like the bulking stage in bodybuilding. What hair color do you find most attractive? Since I grow out my hair some of my friends have said that I shouldnt because I will look more like a girl and to just cut it and I find it so demoralizing and Im not sure what to say to them. All those uneven hairs back under control. I have grown my hair out twice before and am in the middle of my third time right now. I grew up being told that men/boys with long hair look like a sissy or girly. Last but not least, special thanks to Shayna, if youre looking for a hair pro in San Diego, give her a ring at House of Imago. I have received countless positive commentsabout my hair from women, but the half-up always brings the greatest compliments. Id love to hear from you. Yes you can do that to keep it tight early on but eventually youll just have to let it ride. What other questions do you have about awkward stage hair? Get a little trim around the sides just to clean it up, maybe the back of your neck too. Im owning it now but dont want to still look awkward with a flowing mane for not getting a trim nowas nervous as it makes me. To help us get to the bottom of things, we were lucky enough to enlist the services of three courageous young men in different phases of the awkward stage: the early going, the mid thick of it, and tail-end awkward stage. We can confirm that the magic of the Frozen universe does not diminish after the 500th viewing of the film. Sticking to the eight to 12-week trim schedule is appropriate for most, depending on I do have the neck hair thing. So far it's been nearly 10 weeks and it's at this awkward length where's it very thick but longer at the top and back than the sides. Still, we wanted to dive deeper, so we set out to find more concrete answers to whether or not you should cut in the awkward stage. Who would be OK with getting surgery from a maskless OR staff? After its at the length that you are happy with then go get it trimmed to perfect the style and shape you want. Im trying to grow my hair long enough so I can get hair extensions put in. So with this new-found support, Im doing it this time! Been in the journey of growing out my hair for 5 month & 8 days for now . Think 90s Jason Newsted. I am visualizing this in my mind and its a real sight. I only want it over my ears but if I have to straighten it then I'm not doing it lol.Also should I get it trimmed or something? Also check out this post or this post. Glad to have you here mate, stick with us! Grow it out with us and utilize the greatest library of content ever created for guys with long hair, weve even got you covered with tips and tactics to power through the awkward stage. You can always tell them you are growing it out for the next Great Cut: When i do put it in a bum now, those hairs flair up and it looks like shit. If youre in SD I can recommend someone. Its about ten inches Id say. This usually lasts about 4 or 5 weeks of weirdness then it starts to fall into place. My opinion yes, get that trim. So I don't know what to make of that. I didnt cut it completely on any part of my head, i just brought all of it down to the same height. After a recent buzz cut, Im trying to grow it back out & finding stuff on self maintenance is difficult. I think youll be better off trying products designed to decrease frizz, which will hopefully dampen that poof affect. However after finishing your bulk and start to cut back down towards the summer then you will not only have your abs/be cut again but you will also be a little bit bigger (muscle wise), so overall Many have been there before but never made it. Yo! if you really want longe hair you just have to put up with it,, if its long enough, tie it back. Thanks for writing in man. I just started growing my hairout, but its starting to look more like a boelcut than anything else. Hi there, looking for some advice. But itll be worth it. Ive been trying to do this for about 6-7 months however i have a lot more hair on top than my sides. I lucked out with fine and slightly wavy hair but Im still getting a big poof surrounding my ears and the back is flipping up and out lol. i ve shared that video and some explanations in french language : I have a 100 feet south facing wall with poor soil (I don't know exactly how poor, but there was most likely filler soil added when it was built, and it's rich enough for grass to grow, but you can tell it doesn't grow particularly well). My favorite go-to makeup look during last year's grow-out period was a crisp cat-eye, extra mascara, and blush (which I Hawaii's recovery shows what went wrong elsewhere, Teigen shares raw Instagram post on late baby Jack, Scientists were able to shoot down cancer's 'death star', Report: 2 kids hurt in crash involving Andy Reid's son, Netflix series cheerleaders linked to sexual misconduct, Hawley's wife files criminal complaint over protest, Ex-Titans defensive lineman dies at 48 after cancer battle, $1,400 stimulus checks to come within week of approval, Tucci reveals 'odd' connection between his 2 wives, Amazon is selling Apple's AirPods for rare low price, Pro-Trump host's show on Fox network canceled. Which one is prettier, wavy or straight hair? And this time we called on our favorite hair pro and paid a visit to House of Imago Salon in San Diego. Most guys going through the awkward stage are stumbling through for the first time. Not only did we get real-life awkward stage guys, but each being in different phases gave us a great mix of lengths and hair situations to address. Only two months in but looking forward to the journey. After the trim, my hair feels so much better; my fingers, comb, and brush glide through my hair much easier. Either way you might seek professional help with this one. Let us see if we can dig up any more on this topic. This time I told the stylist that I want to grow it out and to only cut enough to get it in shape. It is a shorter length at the sides than the top and as i had most strands on the top of my hair dyed a light blonde its quite noticeable that the sides arent. To find out how to deal with the dreaded in-between phase, we consulted with celebrity hairstylist Zachary Morad.From hairstyling tricks to in-salon tweaks, read on for his top tips for growing out your hair. Blunt edges that were perfect for your shorter style can start to look lumpy or square as your hair lengthens. Glad to have you here man, and thanks for your questions. I have wavy hair with ALOT of volume. How to grow a beard: If you're going to put a sweater on your body, there's no reason your face shouldn't be treated with the same respect. I pulled it all back, waited it out and eventually reaped the reward of long, beautiful locks. A few problems I had personally that I couldnt get over: I have super thick and curly hair which made that awkward stage appear even worse, almost puffy Afro like. And thats a pretty good place to be at this point. Let it ride Finn! In any case just dont get too close to the long stuff, I suggest keeping a thin line of shorter hair acting as a barrier around the hairline so as not to accidentally trim the long stuff. I shaved the back on sides and grew out the top. If you go that route, I would go to a salon or barber shop next time so at least theyll get you all straightened up. Youre just gonna have to wait it out man. Thank you! Grow. You can take any video, trim the best part, combine with other videos, add soundtrack. This is a fantastic vidvery informative with good solutions for each guy. Should I trim the back so that its a square cause rn my hair looks like trash from the side. However ive wanted now to grow out my hair into an afro and just get tapers. Still others are back in it after donating their hair to charity and hitting reset. With that being said, I now have fuzz about half an inch to an inch in length all over my head, and since I didnt touch the back, its almost starting to look like a mullet, but like a really short mullet. The main goal: help these guys hair look good (or at least ok) while they are growing it out. This is not the time to get discouraged! Well see ya on the other side. I keep telling myself, everyday I get closer to it being long enough so keep going, dont up! Mold, leave it, laugh at it. Use the Right Products. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme or a mashup of multiple sources. The people of thneedville come to terms with the fact that what they need is change. what are some tips I could use? Ive been growing my hair out for about 4-5 months and Im terrified of split ends. Its ok to be different, what should everyone run around with the same haircut? We started off by asking each guy to tell us what was going on with his hair, how he got there, and what he was trying to accomplish. Press J to jump to the feed. I was attempting to grow my hair before but got discouraged since the top was wayyy longer than the sides. Crowd: We say Let It Grow. As you can read in the comments on that post, our answers to should I cut in the awkward stage have mostly focused on trimming around the ears and the back of the neck, but generally to let the rest keep growing. Armed with real-life examples and seeing how its played out with our fearless volunteers, you can prepare for your own visit to a hair professional, including what you should actually say when you walk in there, detailed further in our post, Confidently Navigate Your Visit to the Salon. So my questions are, should I cut the sides and if so how much should I cut off to make my hair look better, is there any way to style it and should I even try growing my hair out at my age since I worry that it might make me look more like a women rather than a man? I dont think longhairs can understand how your hair can feel good after a cut but I think shorthairs will realize that its not just an awkward look thats bothersome, its that awkward feel that gets on your nerves. Yeah it kind of looks like a mullet, your hair grows out the same speed all over so it will grow out the same length, and the back just looks longer and kind of awkward. Its at that awkward stage where no matter what I do it looks a mess! Do you have to pay for a hair cut if they do unsatisfactory job? Its so frustrating, its just not growing fast enough. This is exactly what I needed. Growing out a bob haircut can be an awkward process. My neck hair is brutal. This also helps to distract from the awkward stage. And every stage comes with its fair share of challenges. Tell your friends they are bogus and youre letting it ride. Not over-confidence. Get your answers by asking now. I only get tapers now but my hair has a adopted this really awkward "dip" or i I need a weekly neck shaving to clean up and look professional for my job. Beyond good and evil game. I'd say get it trimmed during the awkward stage, it will take longer to grow out but will look better along the way. Will get this in the queue, glad to have you here! Just confidence. Totally agree with everything you said here. It's time to banish all your fee, imagine Thneedville flowered and treed. When growing out short hair, it's all about regular maintenance. For a good 4-6 months i got high top fades or just generally other types of haircuts that i faded my hair really high. After watching the Longhairs videos, I also realized that Im not leaving work on Friday with a crew cut and coming back to work on Monday with El Rubio hair, which would shock everyone I know. Cant trust just anyone with the locks. You can sign in to vote the answer. As for cutting it for thinning purposesId hesitant to experiment with scissors. Or the 600th. Stay strong Naqi! Thanks! Lastly, using the right products while your beard grows is crucial. As it gets longer you could get a slight variation to give it some better shape. Yo you sexy long lock brothers! Any tips youd like to share? I wish you continued success on your journey and well see you around the blog. It wont be too much longer before it starts blending with the rest of your hair. Think 90s Jason Newsted. What should i do now? 2020 The Longhairs | | P.O. Make sure to have the stylist or barber trim it just a little at a time, you can always get more cut off but as you are discovering right now it takes a while to grow it as long as you like. In Thneedville we say Let It Grow (It's a brand new dawn) In Educate by El RubioJuly 8, 201736 Comments, The most common question weve gotten in the history of time has been, should I cut in the awkward stage?. Yo Patrick! Well are you just suposed to let it grow? Great to have ya here man. Great job! The back and sides of my neck look horrible due to my hair sticking out and Im not sure if I should cut it or not to make it look more presentable. Once-ler: (speaking) Thank you, Ted. However i gave up in October as i thought I looked ridiculous with the mini afro growing on my head. We hope their bravery helps you power through the awkward stage with courage and commitment. Have tempted a couple times before to go Long and failed. Like you, I failed many times before finally making it to the promised landthough lucky for me, I never had to deal with the poof. Even so I can understand your pain. When would you recommend a trim for the first time and how much should I trim it? So far it's been nearly 10 weeks and it's at this awkward length where's it very thick but longer at the top and back than the sides. Tip #4: Maintain its Shape.